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Technology is designed
to distract us.







Free & open source.


Your devices should help you
focus on the important:
changing the world
with your writing.

Learn about varType

Working on first prototypes.
Collecting feedback.

Take the survey and
shape varType's future.

Built to help you write.


Free yourself.

Time is our most valuable resource. Treat it that way and don't waste your life.

We build ethical technology that respects your attention. With varType you stay in control.



Go from the first word to a published book.
All with one device and zero distractions.


To real life.

varType is silent, unintrusive, focus-enhancing and robust. It can be used out in nature like an analog device or a book.

The perfect device to disconnect and be creative "IRL". Life is all about balance.


ePaper display.
Readable in sunlight.

varType has a big and amazing ePaper display. It doesn’t distract, is readable in sunlight and keeps you healthy by not emitting any blue light.


Mechanical keyboard.
A dream to type on.

The most pleasant haptic feedback when typing.

varType's mechanical switches with real travel are fundamentally different from the plastic switches of most modern laptops.

You'll never want to write on something else.


Sync to the cloud.
Or stay offline.

If you want, you can auto-save your texts into the cloud. So no data is lost and what you wrote is available on all your devices.

For more privacy, use varType as a USB device or plug a USB device into it and transfer files securely.


Privacy by Design.
Own your data.

In a hyperconnected world we give away incredible insight into our habits, our feelings and our behavior. This leaves us vulnerable to manipulation.

varType is fully encrypted and usable offline so no one can read what you write before you share it. No matter if it's a sensitive report, a personal diary, or a manuscript for a new book.


High sustainability.

varType is low-power and energy-efficient. Because it is repairable you don't have to worry about it being e-waste in a few years.


You are only free if your device is.

varType is open and free ("libre"). You can verify the code to be sure it does what it's supposed to do. Use, study, share and modify varType.

You own the device. Not the other way around.

Answer five questions.
Make it your device.

A unique opportunity of co-shaping a product.
Be a part of the process, make varType the device you want.

Take the survey
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Our values.